I first started as a cycad grower and then change over in 1995 to clivias after visiting the Northern KZN show and seeing Hottie Human clivias.

When I started with clivias I decided to buy seeds and offset from the top growers and some of them are eg. Sean Chubb, Hottie human, late Dries Olivier, Late Fred van Niekerk, Fransios van Rooyen, Tino Ferero, Pikkie Stumpher, Eric Heine, Wayne Haslou, Attie le Roux, Paul Kloeck, Liz Boyed, Ken Smith, Hennie van der Mescht, Rudo Lotter, Charl Coetzee, Lionel Bester, James Abel, Chris Viljoen and Bertie Guilaume just to name some of them.

I started the Vryheid Ngomie Interest group in KZN in 2006 and we had our first show in 2006. At the show I had the best on show with an Eric Heine yellow. In 2007 the same plant was 1st runner up. In 2009 we had our first big show with judges and I took 6 gold, 2 silver and was the overall winner with most points. In 2010 show I had the 1st runner up with a seedling of Gunston of Pikkie Stumpher and took 6 gold, 6 silver and 5 brons and was also the overall winner with the most points. In 2011 I had the 2de runner up with the Gunston again and took 16 gold, 9 silverand 10 brons and again also the winner with the most points. At the KZN gardenii show I had group gold medals for Ngomie gardenii and Squebezi Tri color gardenii.

Some of my own crosses has already done well at the shows and is proof that the gene I am working with is giving the results that I want. There is a good chance that the seeds you will buy from me could become gold medal plants. I have a good collection of Miniata, Gardenii, Ngomie Gardenii, Squebezi  Gardenii, Robusta, Nobilis, Mirabilis and Caulescens . I would be having seeds, offset and mature plant for sale from my best crosses.

I stay 20 km out of Vryheid and about 80 km from the Ngomie \ Squebezi complex. I stay on a Game farm and have a lot of space which most clivia growers have a big problem. Lucky me.